Welcome to housing's leading conference

The most important event in housing is back with immersive and inspiring content in a bold new format.

Join us at our flagship annual conference to drive progress and transformation in housing, with top speakers from the worlds of politics, economics, media and innovation.

Why you need to be at the National Housing Summit.

SPEAKERS: Gain inside knowledge of government thinking to help you future proof your business and become valuable to your board. You’ll have the space and time to talk to housing association executive teams, consultants, the National Housing Federation and top speakers from outside the sector.

NEW FORMAT: The Summit takes place across flexible spaces that encourage learning, sharing and connecting with the people that matter. Both intimate and informal, it will enable you to get more out of your conversations.

VENUE: Whether you want an immersive experience or you need to dip in and out around the day job, the buzzy, new venue makes it possible. All so that the event fits around your priorities and schedule.

CONTACTS & NETWORKING: You can be confident you’ll make meaningful contact with the people that matter to you and bring new opportunities for partnerships back to the office. We’re focusing on this more than ever before, with flexible spaces and intimate sessions as well as dedicated networking opportunities. 

CONTENT: The Summit will provide you with a breadth and depth of information you won’t find anywhere else. Time to reflect on key debates is worked into the programme so you get the opportunity to explore the nuances that matter to you.

PERSONAL: We know how important access to the right content is for building your personal reputation as an effective leader. Delegates told us that access to a wider variety of Westminster speakers would make them even more valuable to their board too, so this year we’re bringing Westminster to you. 


About the event
Fast paced, fast thinking, energising and inspiring. A chance to pause, think, shape and influence, then return back to work with renewed energy and emphasis.
Leeds and Yorkshire Housing Association, 2017
About the event
If you want to know what's going on in the Housing Sector, this is the conference to attend.
Housing Ombudsman, 2017
About the event
As always, an opportunity to look beyond the wall of housing, connect with colleagues old and new and start writing the next chapter together.
L&Q, 2017